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There is a Nespresso maker and capsules on the kitchen counter. Feel free to have coffee as you like. Usage is as follows:


  • Make sure the water chamber has water in it (#1 & #2)
  • Push lever forward to expose the cavity which you put the capsule and drop capsule in (#4).
  • Pull lever back to forward facing direction.
  • Get a single or double expresso cup from cabinet directly above the machine and place it on the tray (#5)
  • Find the two backlit buttons on the top of the machine and press either one to have the machine start warming up the heating unit (#3).
  • Once pressed you'll see both lights flashing; at this point choose which size you'd like and you're all set. There may be a few second delay before the coffee comes out but nothing else is needed.

Nespresso is a great way to get good coffee along with convenience but if you're determined to have freshly ground coffee that is an option as well. Look in the cabinet directly below the Nespresso machine and you'll find a coffee grinder and two Aeropress presses. These plus the electric kettle next the Nespresso machine will get you a great "tall black" if that's what you're in the mood for.


counter tops

Both the stove and microwave are available for use by guests. If you are cooking on the stove top, please make sure to turn on the fan while cooking. If there are a lot of fragrences from the food then ideally shut the kitchen door as well.


Confusing Switches

Along the wall with the stove in it, there are a few switches which deserve a little explanation.


  1. The switch to the left with the red light above it is a fuse for the stove; this should just be left ON all the time
  2. The switch to the right -- which confusingly has the name "fuse" next to it -- switches on/off the under-cabinet lighting and can be used as you like.

Trash and Recycling

In the kitchen we have an upright bin for trash and recycling. See pictures below.

Kitchen Bin Trash in top compartment Recycling in bottom
bin trash bin recycling bin

If you find that the bin liners are full you should be able to find more liners in the drawer below the microwave. The bin liner for the recycling bin is important too but any bag can be used.


To the left of the kitchen sink there's a small green box where you can put compost. If it starts to overflow then you can move that compost to the bigger bin outside.

Outdoor Bins

  • The grey bin is for trash
  • The blue bin is for recycling
  • The large green bin is for garden waste
  • The small green bin is for compost


Whatever is in the fridge is available for you to have. One thing that will always be there are two BRITA water jugs with cold, filtered water.


  • When filling a glass of water please do refill the container so there's always a full supply of water.
  • The ice-cube maker on the front of the fridge does work but the water dispenser does not.

Garden Doors

The garden doors are not the feat of engineering we would have wanted but they are functional. That said, they can be a small challenge when you first try to open, close, or lock them. Here is the secret manual:

  • To lock or unlock the door, pull the right door handle to the up position; while holding the handle up, turn the key
  • When shutting the doors, you may have to use a bit more force than you'd typically use but it's ok ... that's what these doors require.

Once you get used to it, it'll be a breeze.

Dishwasher, Washer, and Dryer

If you want to run the dishwasher, the soap capsules are in the cabinent under the sink. Just throw the capsule into the main area of the dishwash and choose the program. There is an auto-release drawer but the latch isn't working so just ignore it. Of course, you're under no obligation to do the dishes ... only if you want to.

The Washer is in the same cabinet as the dishwasher but a bit to the right. Please use the

Amazon Echo and Music

The Amazon Echo in the kitchen is located near the sink area and is connected to a set of reasonable quality speakers which make it good for listening to music, podcasts, etc. on. See the Echo section of this document for more on operating the device. Also see the Garden section to see how once can switch between listening in the kitchen listening in the garden.