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Den / Bedroom

office picture

The 2nd floor was traditionally used by us as an office and a comfy place to watch television. However the couch folds out into a double bed and there is bathroom / shower on the 2nd as well so it can also be used as a master bedroom. This is also the room we stay in now when we're at the house.

If you're renting the whole house then you're free to use this room however you like.

If you're renting a room and we're NOT here you should feel free to use the computer, printer, etc. or watch the TV. Please just make sure the space is always left clean. Also, we have at times rented it to current room guests who have a friend/family member in town for part of their stay. If that's of interest just message me on the AirBNB app and we'll check whether we can accomodate you. The rate we charge for this room is £75/night.

Office Area

computer area

The computer, printer, scanner, and Alexa are all available for whole-house renters. If you're renting a room then you may also use this space so long as that room has not been rented individually (it usually is not rented). The computer should be on at all times but you'll likely be in a low power mode. To wake up the computer simply touch the keyboard or shake the mouse. If, for some reason that doesn't wake the computer up (give it 10 seconds to wake up) then you can try pressing the power button. That is located on the back of the left monitor (on the lower left of the monitor). Please be aware when leaving NOT to turn off the computer but rather just allow it to go to sleep by itself.


If you have done some work on the computer that you'd prefer no future guests have access to you can logout by clicking on the apple icon in the upper left of the screen and choose "logout" from the pulldown menu. This will ensure that when the next Guest logs in they'll start with a blank slate.

Finaly, do bear in mind that the keyboard, mouse, and trackpad are "wireless" so if you could it would be helpful to plug them in for charging as you leave so that the next guest isn't stuck.

Bedroom Area

entertainment picture

The sofa above folds out into a comfortable double bed if extra space is needed. For a quick video on how to fold / unfold the bed please refer to: VIDEO. Picture below shows the bed unfolded.

bed unfolded

This room also has good space for your clothes. As you can see from the picture below there is both a hanging rack and several slide-out compartments for your things.



The TV is setup to use AppleTV and has apps for live TV, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. It also has a Fireplace application (shown above) which is kind of frivelous but fun. For those of you fearful of complex TV setups ... this should be pretty basic.

We have a universal remote (see below) and when you lift it from the charging stand it's display should light up. Just press the "Watch Apple TV" button on the screen and the TV, Receiver, and AppleTV will all turn on. Turning off only requires pressing the "off" button in the upper left. If you've never used AppleTV before, it's pretty intuitive but you'll mainly just use cursor keys around the OK button, the OK button to select things, and the "back" button to exit things (the exit key will work too).



There are two types of lights which you can choose between. The ceiling has a bunch of traditional "down lamps" which are controlled by a dimmer immediately to the right of the door when you enter. Pretty standard stuff. The other lights are Phillips HUE lights (aka, multi-colored WIFI lights). They are controlled by two dimmer switches which behave identically and are located by the entrance door and the adjoining door to the bathroom.

In the picture below you see the down-light's dimmer and the HUE dimmer as as you can see in the bottom-left frame the HUE dimmers can be removed and used as a remote. Also, the top sectional picture below is the traditional standing lamp. It does have a physical switch as you might expect but if possibly please just keep this switch on the ON position always as the bulb is controlled by the Hue switches discussed above.