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Living Room

living room

Watching TV

The TV downstairs Samsung "Smart TV" which means that beyond the UK's Freeview channels (a good assortment compared to other countries) you can watch Netflix, Amazon, and several of the UK's catchup TV apps (BBC IPlayer, etc.).

Note: we have our Amazon Prime account connected to the Amazon service so you can watch this content without needing an account. For Netflix, you will need to log into your own account.


Beyond the volume and channel up/down buttons the most common navigational buttons are illustrated above. Here's a bit more on each of these button choices:

  • Guide - Brings up a TV guide that lists all the Freeview channels. You should be able to pick up all the channels listed although occationally a few may be offline or not picked up. Because it's digital though, if you get it it will be high quality. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the menu and press the button in the middle of the arrows to select.
  • Home - Brings up the menu along the bottom of the screen which allows you to choose between "Live TV" and any of the smart apps like Netflix and Amazon Video. Again use the arrow keys to navigate.
  • Info - Brings up a menu along the top of the screen which provides context to what you're watching: the show, the channel, the duration, etc.

The other thing to bear in mind is that the TV has a companion sound-bar which greatly improves the sound quality. It should turn on and off with the TV with no intervention needed. If you believe it is out of sync (it happens occationally) then you can try toggling the power button on the soundbar until its fixed.


fireplace remote We recently changed out the old fireplace with a new one and the new one came with a fancy remote control. The good news is its very easy to control the fireplace now. The bad news is no one at the Fireplace Remote Control department is going to win a user-interface award for intuitive design. So with that mind, let's go through the key functions of the fireplace.

Turn on Fireplace

  • Press the red "off" button and the upper-right button at the same time until you hear a short acoustic signal, then release
  • Audible signals will continue as it lights
  • Overall process can take up to 30 seconds

Adjust flame height

  • Press the small or large flame buttons on right side of remote

Note: if you turn the flame level below the minimum level it will turn off the main burner but keep the pilot light on. If you're planning on a lot of use of the fireplace then this might be a reasonable strategy but in most cases it would be preferred to just turn off the pilot too (see below).

Restart With Pilot On

If you haven't turned off the fireplace but rather put in a standby mode by keeping the pilot on, then turning on the fireplace is simply a matter of pressing the

Turn off the Fireplace

  • Press the red/off button



On the living room table you'll see an inocuous button. This button controls a colorful backsplash light behind the couch. Press it once and it comes on blue. Long press it and it comes on purple. Double click and it will turn off.



If you want to plug in a laptop or USB device we have put a easily accessible connector for you directly under the couch (see below).


There is an Echo Dot is connected to a set of high quality external speakers which makes a good music listening device if you so desire. For more on operating the Echo see: Amazon Echo.

"Alexa, listen to Classic Rock"



The Guestbook should be on left-hand shelf near the Echo; and we'd love it if you'd be willing to sign it on your way out.