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Please use the garden as if it were you're own. We'll bring you through the basics that may not be self-evident:

Patio Umbrella

There is a slide-out umbrella that can be move over the table to protect from rain or sun. Swinging it out is quite straight forward (there are two levers that let lock/unlock the arms). The other requirement is to unzip the cover and attach it to the end of the arm.

Watering System

The watering system is scheduled to run at night so in most cases you'll never notice it but it does come on every day to ensure the garden is properly hydrated.


There are several lights outdoors, most of which are controlled by the dimmer switches by the door in the kitchen. The lights controller here include:

  • Deck lights
  • Side Garden lights
  • Tree uplights

Mains Outlet

If you need to plug something in outside there is a power outlet on the far-left side of the garden you can use.


The grill is available to use if you're so inclined. There should always be gas available during the warm months. If you do use it please try to clean it as much as possible after use.


The two rear corners of the garden have outdoor speakers installed. These can be used with the Echo service in the kitchen. Please be conscientious of the neighbours (it's a quiet neighbourhood) but feel free to enjoy music outside during the daylight hours.

When you use the Echo in the kitchen you'll by default hear the audio through speakers in the kitchen. In order to switch between this and the outside speakers you'll need to open the cabinet under the sink and to the left (aka, towards the garden):

speaker switcher

When a button is pressed in it is active, out is inactive. Speakers C & D aren't used but use of the A & B buttons allow you to select one or both of the speakers installed.

Please always return the speakers to only play in the kitchen when you are done.