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WIFI Settings


Connecting to WIFI

There is a mesh network of WIFI hotspots that should give full coverage throughout the house and back garden. Just point your device to BarkingMad and put in the password. The password is monkeydemon (our nickname for our little pooch Biscuit).

What to do if Internet goes out?

Our Internet connection is very reliable but nothing is 100% so if it does go out please drop us a line (which is annoyingly harder, of course, when the WIFI is down). There are, however, a few things one can do as a matter of simple troubleshooting:

  1. BT Home Hub - occationally the "BT Home Hub" gets into a funny place and the best way to reset it is just to turn it off for 10 seconds and then turn it back on. The Hub is on the top floor, under the desk (but within eyesight) and looks like this:

    BT Home Hub

    Look at the long horizontal LED and if it's blue then all is good (with the BT Home Hub anyway) but if it's red or blinking than something is wrong. Just reach around the left side and press the power button, wait, and press again to turn it on. It will take 2-3 minutes to fully restart.

  2. Linksys Wireless Mesh - The wireless network in the house is provided by three Linksys Mesh Routers. They reside:

    Locations What it looks like
    - on the top floor (on desk),
    - in the bedroom near the garden,                                                    
    - and in the living room.

    They're all friends and talk to each other about how best to spread their wireless love. If one of them gets unplugged -- or has a RED indicator light on top -- it may mean this beautiful friendship has been disrupted. Good thing is that typically just trying the "unplug and replug" trick gets them back to work together just fine. Apparently you need to unplug them for 2-3 minutes before replugging them back in.

    Do NOT press the "reset" button ... this will lead to more significant problems!