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Keyless Entry

In order to create a simple way for you to get into the house we have installed a keyless entry system from Yale. You will have received a personalized code for your rental in an email which will be used in the unlocking procedure described below:


  • touch keypad with palm of your hand
      keypad will now illuminate and beep
  • enter your personal pin
  • then press the "*" key
  • turn knob anti-clockwise and open the door (if you're visiting from the US ... anti-clockwise = counter-clockwise)

Once you've unlocked the door it will automatically lock for you again within a few seconds (you will hear beeps when this happens).


If you find that the door sounds like it's unlocking (aka, the beeps are happening after putting in your code) but you can't turn the knob fully then it's possible the door itself wasn't fully closed by the last person. This has only happened once as far we know but if you find yourself in this situation then just pull the door toward you and then retry your key code.

Also please do let us know if this happens as it appears to be very rare but we'll only know how common it is if you tell us.