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About the Hosts


Ken got involved in computing in the late 1970's as a child. There weren't really computer teachers back then so the learning was a combination of passion and collaboration with like-minded students. Professionally he started coding and teaching technology but eventually joined Sapient Corporation as a business and IT consultant which lead to world travel and an investment in understanding Commodities Trading where he led a successful global practice for Sapient in oil, gas, and power trading.

In 2010, Ken gave up his corporate bindings and set out on the entreprenerial landscape. Giving up his business domain expertise and also leaving the comfort of senior management to start back as a developer; focused on his own interests. It was great and sucked at the same time. It continues to hold these characteristics. 😉

Somewhere in this journey Ken met Kabuki, fell in love, and moved to Langler Road. We've loved the neighborhood ever since. It has great access to an amazing city and remains relatively central but at the same time supports great diversity (age, geography, language, culture, etc.).


Kabuki was born and grew up in Ghana with mixed English Ghanaian heritage. She studied in Ghana, UK, and the US and finally entered the workforce in New York as a consultant in Financial Services which eventually moved her back to the UK. This experience in Consulting was intense and rewarding, however eventually she moved into the Music Industry starting as a Project Manager. Her experience propelled her to become head of the global EMI's digital supply chain. Post the acquisition of EMI by Universal Music, Kabuki has continued to grow at UMG and became the global head of UMG's digital and metadata operations group.

Kabuki's interests outside of work include food, running, fitness / health, and compassionate leadership.


Rachael worked as an Intensive Care nurse for ten years before making a career change in order to pursue her academic interests. Following a first degree from UWE and an MA in English from Cardiff University, she completed her PhD in Victorian Literature at Birkbeck College in 2005. She has since taught at Birkbeck, Royal Holloway, Westminster and London Metropolitan Universities. She is a Lecturer at Goldsmiths, teaching across a range of Undergraduate and Overseas student modules, including Shakespeare, critical theory, modernism/postmodernism and Post-war British Drama.

Rachael’s research interests are in gastro-criticism, the body and themes of consumption and self-denial, particularly within the nineteenth-century. She has a special interest in literary and critical theory.